Best Practices

Best Practices 2019-2020

1.    Spoken English Classes



a)     To make students proficient in the spoken skill of English language

b)     To teach everyday English to students

c)     To teach students how to greet people while meeting them

d)     To groom students so that they can perform well at their workplace

e)     To boost up the confidence of student by their proficiency in English

f)      To enhance their employability


The Context:

The medium of teaching is Gujarati in our college. Most of the students belong to the socially and economically backward classes. Majority of students have studied in the schools run by Municipality. Very few students have studied in the private schools. In such a case, the basic knowledge of English of these students is not satisfactory. Even the meritorious students in other subjects are often found weak in English.


A number of students belong to the tribal areas and they speak the dialect of their regions. Therefore, many of them are not proficient even in Gujarati, the medium of teaching. In that case, one cannot expect proficiency in English from them.


To make students proficient in the speaking skill of English, the Institution decided to start Spoken English Classes on payment basis so that they find themselves confident and employable after they complete their college education.  


The Practice:

One of the trustees of The Pardi Education Society, Mr. Kishorbhai G. Gandhi sponsored the Spoken English Classes for the students of our college and those of the self-finance science college run by the same Management sharing the same campus.


Udisha, the Placement Cell of the College in association with The K. G. Desai Foundation announced the Spoken English Classes and oriented the students to avail the facility. The students have been counselled regarding the importance of proficiency in English to increase their employability.


The Spoken English Classes have been commenced on 24-1-2020.


·       The students had to pay the fees of Rs. 700/- for the entire course.

·       They were given certificate for attending and for making satisfactory performance in the classes.

·       The Spoken English Classes have been scheduled as per the convenience of the students, after their regular classes get over.

·       The periods for the same have been scheduled twice a week.

·       Total 293 students have enrolled for the class.

·       The classes were run into 10 batches of 30 students twice a week.

·       Five teachers have been appointed who are associated with other Spoken English Classes run in the nearby city, Valsad. Their names are as under:

1)     Mr. Dharmesh Patel

2)     Mrs. Ami Patel

3)     Mrs. Sneha Patel

4)     Miss Ragini Patel

5)     Miss Bhumi Patel


Evidence of Success:

As mentioned earlier, the Spoken English Classes have been commenced on 24-1-2020. Total 293 students of both the colleges enrolled. From among the total 293 students, 207 belonged to our College. The professional faculties have been appointed to teach them.


The main thrust of the teaching was on grammar and spoken aspect of the language. The students have been given ample practice in grammar learning. Power Point Presentations and charts were used to make the teaching-learning process more interesting.


Group-Discussions were organized to make students speak in English. They have also been taught to pronounce correctly.


After the end of the course, they were made to make a presentation in English on a topic of their choice in the Seminar organized for the same.  That gave the idea of how much proficiency they have achieved at the end of the course.


The students were made to fill in a Feedback Form regarding the Spoken English Classes. Their views and opinions will help us overcome the shortcomings in our next batch this year.


The students have been awarded certificates for attending and for making satisfactory performance during the course.


Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

As mentioned earlier, many students coming from the tribal belt are not proficient in Gujarati, the medium of teaching. As a result, they are very reluctant to speak in the classroom to answer a question or to voice their doubts. The same problem is encountered in the Spoken English Classes. Their interaction in the classroom was not satisfactory. It is very important for them to try to speak in English in order to master the speaking skill of the language. But they could not overcome their inferiority complex and stage fear.


It seemed that they took the classes for some magic wand that would make them fluent in English just by paying fees for the same and by attending some classes. They are not prepared to do the needful. They lacked the curiosity which is the biggest constraint of all. 


Another obstacle was that of time. Most of the students of the Institution commute from the nearby villages by bus or by some shared vehicles. They are not ready to stay back for the classes. Moreover, they didn’t show readiness to come during holidays for the same.


Many students backed out of the course for various reasons.  We tried to find out the reasons for their constant absence in the classes. We learned that in order not to miss the bus or the shared vehicle, many students backed out of the classes. And some found it an impossible task and backed out.


Then in March, the lockdown was declared due to Covid-19 pandemic and the classes have been called off. From 11 January, 2021, the colleges were allowed to teach the students of the final year offline. The teaching has already been over. Only the Seminar and Feedback Form Filling and Certification have been done after 11 January, 2021.





2.    Arranging Guest-Lectures:



·       To avail the knowledge of the experts of various fields.

·       To help students get deeper knowledge of the topic.

·       To give the students chance to be acquainted with various aspects of the topic under consideration.

·       To help students clear their doubts about the topic during the question-answer session at the end of the guest-lecture.

·       To arouse interest and curiosity among students.

·       To encourage students to think independently and differently on various topics.

·       To make students improve their general knowledge.

·       The guest-lectures arranged for the guidance of competitive examination help students become aware of the kinds of examinations and the preparations required.  

·       The guest-lectures arranged by Udisha, the placement cell help students develop their employability through guest-lectures.

·       The guest-lectures arranged by the NSS units help students aware of the vices prevalent in society and to be a responsible citizen.

·       The guest-lectures arranged by the Women’s Cell help the girl students share their problems and guide them for women-empowerment.

·       The guest-lectures arranged by the heads of various departments help students get detailed and deeper knowledge of the topic.


The Context:

The objective of any Higher Education Institution is the holistic development of students. For that, the Institution has to arrange so many academic as well as co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities.


In certain matters, it is found advisable to avail the expertise of some people belonging to corporate, NGO, medical field, or other educational institutions. This way, students can have a deeper knowledge of the topic. It also provides an interesting break to the monotony of routine teaching-learning process.


The Practice:

There are a number of co-curricular activities and extension activities carried out in the Institution. As a part of them, many guest- lectures are arranged by the department heads, chairpersons of various committees and the NSS Program Officers.


The department heads of various subjects invite teachers of other colleges and experts of various fields to enlighten the students on certain topics of the syllabus.


The Women’s Cell arranges guest-lectures of local doctors to provide guidance regarding the problems of puberty and other gynaecological problems. This Cell also invites experts from various fields to empower the girl students of the college.


Udisha, the placement cell, invites guest-lecturers from various fields and government officers to speak on various topics and also to groom students in certain vocational skills. 


The NSS Units organize a number of extension activities throughout the year and also during the Annual Camping. Guest-lectures on Aids-Awareness, rehabilitation, cleanliness-drive, environmental issues etc. are organized that make students aware of their responsibilities as a wakeful citizen.


Evidence of Success:


·       A guest-lecture on “Computer Awareness and Personality Development” was organized on 20-6-2019 by Udisha, the Placement Cell. Ms. Taruna Patel, the proprietor of a private computer class delivered the lecture.

·       A guest lecture on “The Competitive Examinations” was organized on 9-7-2019 in collaboration with the Employment Exchange and Banking Academy, Valsad.

·        A guest-lecture by Prof. Ajay Naik of Rofel Arts & Commerce College, Vapi was delivered on “Rain Water Harvesting” on 5-7-2019 under the auspice of NSS.

·       A guest-lecture on “Information regarding Competitive Examinations” was delivered by the Employment Exchange and Banking Academy, Valsad under the auspice of Udisha on 9 July, 2019. 108 students availed the information.

·       A guest-lecture on “Red Revolution” was organized on 24-7-2019 by Women’s Cell. Dr. Amisha Patel and Dr. Sheetal Tailor delivered their lectures on the same. They advocated the girl students to avoid the use of sanitary napkins as they are harmful and carcinogenic. They also pose environmental threat as they are not easy to dispose.

·       A guest-lecture by the retired Prin. Shri B. N. Joshi was organized by the Department of Histoy to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 31-8-2020.

·       A guest-lecture by Shri Rajeshbhai Rana on Swami Vivekananda was delivered on 13-9-2019 under the auspice of NSS.

·       A guest-lecture on “Development of Entrepreneurship” was delivered by Shri Mehulbhai Patel of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development on 29-11-2019 under the auspice of Udisha.

·       A guest-lecture on “Get the Edge: Career Guideline” was delivered on 13-12-2019 by Shri Aniruddha Shukla of Met League of College, Bandra under the auspice of Udisha.

·       In the second installment of “Red Revolution” was organized on 31-12-2019. Dr. Amisha Patel taught girl students how to prepare home-made reusable cotton sanitary napkins. All the girl students of the college took advantage of the programme held by the Women’s Cell.

·       Guest lectures by Dr. Tejal Rathod and Sumitraben on Tobacco Awareness and Rehabilitation were delivered on 3-1-2020. NSS units organized the program.

·       12 January was celebrated as Swami Vivekananda Jayanti by NSS with a guest lecture by Shri Rajeshbhai Rana.

·       National Road Safety Week was celebrated in collaboration with Pardi Police Station from 15 Jan. The officers from the Police Station provided information regarding traffic rules.

·       The Department of Gujarati arranged a guest-lecture on “Literature and Films” on 21-1-2020. Dr. Dinkar Tandel of J P Shroff Arts College, Valsad delivered his scholarly lecture on the topic.

·       A guest lecture by Shri Jagdish Patel has been organized on Career Guidance and NET & SET Examinations on 25-1-2020 by Udisha and the Department of History.

·       A guest-lecture by Shri Pankaj Mall, the famous international cyclist and brand ambassador of Cleanliness Drive, was held on “Youth Empowerment” on 7-2-2020. Udisha organized the program.

·       Udisha, the Placement Cell organized a guest-lecture on “The Art of Preparing CV” on 7-2-2020.

Shri Dipesh Shah, the director of K. N. Desai Science College, Pardi delivered the lecture.

·       The Department of Accountancy organized a guest-lecture on “The Annual Accounts of the Companies” on 10-2-2020. Prof. Piyush M. Modi of C. D. Barfiwala Arts & Commerce College, Surat delivered the lecture on the topic.

·       The Department of Accountancy organized a guest-lecture on “GST - A Simple Explanation” on 24-8-2019.  The well-known Tax-Practitioner of Valsad Mr. Alpesh Upadhyaya explained the topic in simple yet interesting way. 

·       Udisha, the Placement Cell organized a guest-lecture on “The Art of Facing an Interview” on 15 February 2020. Mr. Dipesh Shah, the director of K. N. Desai Science College delivered the lecture.

·       The NSS Units of the college organized a guest-lecture on “Digital Power” in collaboration with the Cyber Crime Branch of Pardi Police Station on 6-3-2020. The officers gave detailed information regarding the misuse of mobile and internet services. They also gave some important tips for protecting our bank accounts and other digital details from being hacked.


Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

As for problems, there is hardly any that cannot be solved. The Institution can find experts in various fields from the surrounding colleges, industries and society as well. The Institution pays the remuneration and transportation fare to the visiting guest-lecturers.


The Institution has a big Seminar Hall equipped with micro-phone system and overhead projector. Almost all the guest-lectures are arranged there. It can accommodate around 300 students. The seminar-hall is well ventilated and equipped with enough lights and fans. There are enough plastic chairs for the students to sit on during the guest-lectures.


Best Practices 2018-2019


1.     Focus on Sports Activities


a)     To make students physically fit

b)     To make girls participate in sports

c)     To make students compete with other colleges

d)     To make students enhance their capability worth competing with students of other colleges

e)     To make students more disciplined

f)      To develop sportsman spirit among students

g)     To help  students reduce stress of studies by sports activities

h)     To make students improve their mental health by improving their physical health

i)      To inculcate leadership quality among students


The Context

The majority population of Pardi town belongs to socially and economically backward classes. Likewise, the majority of the students of our college too belong to socially and economically backward classes. Most of them have agricultural background. They help their parents in farming activities. Moreover, they are used to walking long distances. Theses abilities of students can be channelized in sports activities.


The girl students of the college too are familiar with farming activities. However, many of them are anaemic and suffer from sickle cell anaemia. Still, when given chance, they perform well in sports activities.


Such observations made the Institution decide to focus on sports activities. Many inter-class sports competitions have been included such as Tug of War and Cricket for girls etc.


The of students’ participation in inter-college sports activities has always remained more than satisfactory. They participate in many sports activities that are not conducted in the institution such as cross country, swimming, boxing, kabaddi, kho-kho, hockey etc.


The Practice:

·       The Institution has very good infrastructural facilities for sports activities. There is a big and well-maintained sports ground where many outdoor games such as cricket, volleyball, kho-kho, kabaddi, tug of war are played.

·       There is also a separate building for indoor games where chess, carom, badminton, table-tennis etc. are played. In this building, there is a standard indoor badminton court.

·       Every year, a number of sports accessories are added as per the budget decided for the same. The old ones are repaired, if need be. The Institution has enough number of chess-boards, carom boards, cricket and volley-ball kits, table-tennis tables, and badminton rackets  and s

·       There is a permanent PTI in the college under whose guidance a number of sports activities are carried out.

·       Every year, inter-class competitions for chess, carom, table-tennis, badminton, cricket, volleyball, tug of war are held. Students in great number participate in them.

·       Every year, 3 to 4 inter-college sports events are hosted by the college.

·       Students are prepared for participation in inter-college sports activities. They are also sent to the Khel-Maha Kumbh organized by the government of Gujarat and Khel-Kud Ramatotsava held by University.

·       Every year, some students are selected in the University Team of various games.

·       The Institution provided sports uniforms to the students participating in inter-college sports events.

·       The students are free to use the college ground before college starts and after the classes are over.

·       The college does not have swimming pool of its own, still we host inter-college swimming tournaments in The Atul Club which is just 8 km away.


Evidence of Success

Inter-class sports competitions held:

a)     Inter-class Tug of War Competition (boys) held on 30-31 Jan. 2019

b)     Inter-class Chess Competition (boys) held on 4-6 Feb. 2019

c)     Inter-class Badminton Competitions (boys and girls) held on 7-9 Feb. 2019

d)     Inter-class Table-Tennis Competition (boys) held on 11-2-2019

e)     Inter-class Carom Competition (boys) held on 12-2-2019

f)      Inter-class Cricket Tournament (girls) held on 13-2-2019

g)     Inter-class Cricket Tournament (boys) held on 15-18 Feb. 2019


Inter-College sports competitions held:

a)     Inter-college Kabaddi Tournament (girls) held on 16-17 Oct. 2018

b)     Selection for Inter-University Kabaddi Tournament (girls) was done under the auspice of our college on 17-102019. Students of 12 colleges have participated. 4 students of our college too participated in it.

c)     Selection for inter-university Kabaddi tournament (boys) was done under the auspice of our college on 10-10-2019 in which students of 26 colleges have participated.

d)     Inter-college D Zone Volleyball Tournament (boys) was hosted by our College on 9-10 February, 2019.

e)     Inter-college D Zone Volleyball Tournament (boys) held on 19-1-2019

f)      Inter-college A/C & B/D Zone level Kabaddi Tournament (boys) held from 22 to 24 March 2019

g)     Inter-college D Zone Cricket Tournament was hosted by our college on 


Inter-College sports activities participation:

a)     5 students have taken part in the inter-college Cross Country Tournament held by Rofel Arts & Commerce College, Vapi held on 20-21 Aug. 2018.

b)     5 students have participated in the inter-college Table Tennis Tournament held by Narmada College of Science and Commerce College, Jhadeshwar on 29 to 31 Aug. 2018.

c)     Our college hosted an inter-college Kabaddi Tournament (girls) on 16-17 Octo. 2018 in which 12 girl students have participated.

d)     4 students of the college have participated in the selection for Inter-University Kabaddi Tournament hosted by our college on 17-10-2019.

e)     4 students of our college have participated in inter-college Rifle and Pistol Shooting competition held by Arts & Commerce College, Vyara on 19-9-2019.

f)      4 students of our college have participated in the selection for inter-university Kabaddi tournament (boys) held by our college on 10-10-2019.

g)     2 students of our college participated in the inter-college Hockey Tournament (boys) held by Dolat Usha College of Applied Science, Valsad on 10-10-2019.

h)     12 students participated in the inter-college Kho-Kho Tournament (boys) held by Arts & Commerce College, Vyara on 11-13 October, 2019.

i)      A student participated in the inter-class Yoga Competition held by J. D. Gabani Arts & Commerce College, Surat on 20-11-2019. He came fourth in the competition and was selected for the University Team for the same. He represented the University in the Inter University Yoga Competition at Chennai.

j)      9 students participated in the inter-college Tug of War Tournament held by J P Shroff Arts College, Valsad on 14-15 December, 2018.

k)     12 students participated in the inter-college Kabaddi Tournament of A/C & B/D Zone hosted by our college on 22-24 March 2019.

l)      A student of our college has been selected in the University Cricket Team.

m)   A student named Abhinav Tandel of our college participated in the inter-university West Zone Cricket Tournament held at the University campus in which 77 universities of 5 states have participated. Here, selection for Wizi Trophy was done and the student of our college was selected in it.

n)     The same student participated in the tournament held for the selection of All India Team.

o)     A girl student named Dipika Patel participated in the 46th Khel-Kud Ramatotsava held by our University and won the silver medal for Discus Throw and Hammer Throw.

p)     The same girl participated in the Khel Maha Kumbh organized by the government of Gujarat and won the gold medals for Shot Put and Javelin Throw   at Taluka Level. At District Level she won the bronze medals in Shot Put and Javelin Throw.


Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

Most of the students of the college commute from distant villages. So, they cannot devote extra time after the sports activities. They mostly create a van pool for commuting and have to adhere to the timings of departing.


The students with agricultural background have to help their parents in the farming activities. So, they too find it difficult to pursue sports activities regularly and intensively in spite of having good calibre for the same.


The girl students belonging to the rural areas are, in most of the cases, not permitted to take part in sports activities that demand them to visit other institutions for inter-college participation. In some extra-ordinary cases, the faculties have to persuade their parents to give permission.


As for the resources, the college has enough infrastructural facilities and sports accessories. The budget for the sports activities is funded from The Student Union and Saptadhara grant. There has never been shortage of funds for the sports activities.


2.     Focus on Extension Activities


·       To make students aware of their social responsibilities

·       To make students responsible citizens

·       To provide students the exposure to the real problems of society

·       To make students overcome their inferiority complex with exposure to real life challenges

·       To make students learn social values

·       To make students learn how to interact with people belonging to various fields

·       To help students face real life problems


The Context:

Extension activities are imperative for any higher education institution. The students have to choose from among NCC, NSS, Sports and Saptadhara activities. But most of the students select NSS. Many of them are disappointed, as only 300 students can choose NSS, there being only 3 units of NSS in the college. However, when some extension activity is announced, those who have not opted NSS, also participate in such activities.


The people in rural areas are closely connected with each other in comparison to those of the urban areas. So, the students of our college find it easy to perform well in extension activities, be it college-campus cleaning, road-making, check-dam making, or visiting old age home.


The Practice:

The extension activities of the College are conducted by NCC and NSS. From among them, NSS conducts a number of extension activities comparatively.


There are two types of extension activities carried out by NSS: regular activities and annual camping. In regular activities fall college-campus cleaning, tree-plantation, guest-lectures on various topics, rallies on various issues, visits to an old age home or a school for differently-abled students. Celebration of the birth anniversaries of Indian leaders such as Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Vivekananda etc. are also held. NSS day is also celebrated with inter-class essay-writing, elocution and poster-making competitions.


The Annual Camping is the most important event for NSS. In the camping, a number of extension activities are conducted. The volunteers learn to live away from home with optimum facilities. They learn the life-style of the people of village they camped in. The seven-day stay at the village makes them see the rural life at the closest. Especially for the city-bred students, this is a great opportunity to see the rural-life closely. During camping, many activities such as free eye-check up, free distribution of spectacles, blood-donation, surveys, road-repairing, check-dam repairing etc. are done.


In NCC, regular drills, rifle-shooting practice etc. are conducted. Apart from that, students attend various types of camps where they get real experience of the extension activities. They learn discipline, shooting, first-aid, map-reading, sharing and caring and to live with optimum requirements.


Evidence of Success:

The following activities have been carried out by NCC:

·       5 students took part in Army Attachment Camp from 23-7-2018 to 6-8-2018.

·       March pass on the Independence Day

·       4 students took part in CATC camp held at Rajpipla from 20 to 29 Aug. 2018.

·       5 students took part in CATC camp held at Rajpipla from 31-8-2018 to 9-9-2018.

·       12 students demonstrated surgical strike on the college campus on 27 September, 2018

·       4 students took part in CATC camp held at Rajpipla from 28-10-2018 to 6-11-2018.

·       March pass on the Republic Day


The following extension activities are conducted by NSS:

·       International Yoga Day celebration on 21 June, 2018

·       Distribution of saplings in collaboration with ABVP on 9-7-2018

·       Tree plantation on the college campus on 28-7-2018

·       Guest lecture on “Yoga and Meditation” by Ms. Tanuja Makwana of Patanjali Ashram, Haridwar on 13-8-2018

·       Fund raising (Rs. 12,600/-) for the Kerala Flood Victims on 31-8-2018

·       Rally for awareness of Cleanliness Drive on 15-9-2018

·       Door to door visits by the NSS volunteers for the awareness regarding Rain Water Harvesting on 17-9-2018

·       Cleaning of college campus on 19-9-2018

·       Celebration of NSS Day (24 September) with inter-class essay-writing, elocution, poster-making competitions and college campus cleaning

·       Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti (2 October) with a rally

·       Annual camping from 27-10-2018 to 2-11-2018. During the camp, a number of activities such as rally, yoga, sports, road repairing, village-cleaning, free eye-check up, free distribution of spectacles, blood donation etc. are conducted.

·       A guest lecture on “Aids Awareness” by Dr. Harjitpal Sinh of Referal Hospital, Pardi on 5-1-2018

·       Cleaning of class rooms on 11-2-2018


Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

All the co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports and extension activities are conducted after the classes get over. These activities are not conducted at the cost of the study. In such circumstances, many students who commute from distant places show reluctance to participate as they have to catch the bus or a van of van-pooling.


The students belonging to agricultural background have to help their parents in farming activities after college time. So they too show reluctance in staying back for extension activities. Otherwise, the students show great zeal and enthusiasm in involving extension activities. In annual camping too, students show great interest.


The funding for the NCC and NSS activities are provided by the government of Gujarat and University respectively. So there hardly occurs any problem for funding. No special infrastructural facilities or accessories are needed for these activities. There are ample accessories for the cleaning of college campus and class-rooms.